Business Architect for the Net economy


Everyone knows internet is changing everything. But not many are aware of the scale of the changes underway.

We are in the midst of a technology-driven economic transformation bigger than the ones brought about by the invention of steam engine and electricity.

Internet enables collective action across geographic, political and national boundaries on a scale unprecedented in human history.

The rate of changes will be gated by transformations in businesses and governments. These changes in-turn will drive changes in society, culture, politics, education, healthcare, entertainment and environment.

The changes in business and government require integrating technology effectively into business architecture, consisting of technology, strategy and processes.

StrategyGroupTM offers streamlined strategies to help make the necessary changes. First, choose your Transformation IntensityTM. After choosing the Transformation Intensity that matches your organization's interests and needs, select the Transformation PathTM that matches your organization priorities. Here are three Transformation Intensity choices:
If your business is more or less stable and in a position to undertake incremental improvements choose Step-by-step Business Improvement.

If you wish to achieve faster results with a targeted objective, then choose Advanced Business Improvement. This transformation is likely to involve concurrent changes in multiple disciples/areas.

If you wish to lead the market with impending changes, then the Digital Ecosystem is for you, for an wholesale re-engineering of your business.

Alternately, you could transform your business to become Agile - creating competitive advantages, productivity gains and promoting innovation. There are two paths available:
  1. Cloud Definition 2.0
    Unleash your organization capability using Cloud CollaborationTM
  2. On Demand Collaboration
    Collaborate and become Agile.
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