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IBM Remote Product Services
Implementation & migration services

Most IBM product services are designed to be delivered on-site. But now selected implementation and migration product services are available to be delivered remotely upon completion of the physical hardware installation.

  • Provides more competitive pricing as belts tightening continue on IT expenditures
  • Rapid staffing of engagements results in quicker implementation
  • Timely access to proven engagement methodologies and skilled resources
  • Minimizes the risk of project delays
  • Remote services are less intrusive
  • Simplifies implementation
Note: Budgetary prices, subject to change until confirmed. Availability: USA, Canada

 Disk system services 
 Service description
 US price
 Canada price
 IBM System Storage DS4000® remote implementation  $4,800(US)  $5,000(CA)
 IBM System Storage DS5000® remote implementation  $5,850(US)
 IBM System Storage DS6000/8000® remote implementation  $5,850(US)  $6,200(CA)

  Linux services 
 Service description US price  Canada price
 Linux distribution remote implementation  $6,300(US)  $6,700(CA)

  Power Systems services 
  Service description  US price  Canada price
 IBM Systems Director remote implementation  $3,975(US) $4,200(CA)
 IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager remote implementation  $3,975(US) $4,200(CA)
 PowerHA™ remote implementation  $13,125(US) $14,200(CA)
 PowerHA/XD remote implementation  $19,500(US) $21,300(CA)
 AIX® V6.1 remote implementation  $9,675(US) $10,400(CA)
 remote ServicePac for eServer p5 and pSeries® LPAR  $7,500(US) $8,000(CA)
 System p® and LPAR remote implementation  $7,500(US) $8,000(CA)
 remote ServicePac for PowerVM™  $12,000(US) $12,900(CA)
 PowerVM remote implementation  $12,000(US) $12,900(CA)
 IBM Systems Director VMControl remote implementation  $5,700(US) $6,100(CA)

  System x services 
   Service description US price Canada price
 BladeCenter® or System x remote implementation 2083 - pre-assembled  $3,400(US) $3,500(CA)
 BladeCenter or System x remote implementation 2084 - pre-assembled  $6,300(US) $6,700(CA)
 remote ServicePac 0652 - BladeCenter or System x  $5,250(US) $5,500(CA)
 BladeCenter or System x remote implementation 2086  $9,300(US) $10,000(CA)
 Remote ServicePac® for IBM Systems Director  $3,600(US) $3,200(CA)
 remote ServicePac for VMware  $5,250(US) $5,500(CA)

  Storage software 
 Service description US price  Canada price
 Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack remote implementation  $9,375 (US) $10,400(CA)

  Remote product migration services 
 Service description US price Canada price
 remote ServicePac for AIX V6.1  $4,275(US)  $4,500(CA)
 AIX V6.1 remote migration  $4,275(US)  $4,500(CA)
 remote ServicePac for eServer p5 and pSeries LPAR  $18,750(US)   $20,400(CA)
 eServer p5 and pSeries LPAR remote migration  $18,750(US)  $20,400(CA)

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