IBM PureSystems
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IBM - IBM PureSystems™ systems are pre-integrated, pre-configured and designed to deliver expertise with an overall simplified experience. Expert integration is just the beginning. These systems are about much more than that. They are about simplifying every aspect of the client experience and delivering real business results - fast.

IBM PureSystems have three truly unique attributes:
  1. Integration by Design: Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a single, ready-to-go system with built in security and reliability designed for multiple architectures. The systems are modular and based on open standards.
  2. Built-in Expertise: Providing flexibility, choice, simplicity, and agility to drive business velocity. PureSystems capture and automate what the experts have typically done from infrastructure to application.
  3. Simplified Experience: From setting up the system, to operating, maintaining, and upgrading over time, PureSystems simplify every part of the IT lifecycle.
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What are IBM PureApplication Systems?


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